5 definitions by Helpme_1938

A swear so ancient it deafens anyone who is to hear it. It is 83 letters long and includes phrases such as hippopotamus

and Mickey Mouse.
Friend 1: “Dude what’s the elder swear?”

Friend 2: “**********************************mickeymouse*****************hippopotamus**********************”
by Helpme_1938 March 10, 2019
Baby Australia (is there even a Zealand?)
Friend 1:I live in New Zealand.
Friend 2: Literally fucking dies
by Helpme_1938 March 10, 2019
When a person stares in a nonspecific direction with their mouth open, seeming to not think of anything at all, resembling a goldfish. Can often be describing as zoning or spacing out, occurs much more often when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
"Man, she was goldfishing hard last night at that wall."

"I know her mind looked completely empty"
by Helpme_1938 September 22, 2022
A small town in South Massachusetts, where it literally fucking sucks.
Friend 1: You live in Sturbridge?
Friend 2: Yeah I know I just wanna commit already.
by Helpme_1938 March 10, 2019
Where the fuck is it? I don’t know? Why is there a New Zealand if there is no Old Zealand? Help me find Zealand.
“Old Zealand isn’t real
by Helpme_1938 March 10, 2019