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An adjective meaning effeminately or flamboyantly gay. Coming from Episode 19 of TeamFourStar's Dragon Ball Z Abridged, it is derived from the time that Freeza uses Zarbon's name as an adjective to describe the Ginyu Force.
Freeza upon the arrival of the Ginyu Force: It sure is Zarbon in here.
by Xacebans November 09, 2010
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A character from Dragon Ball Z who in the abridged series is apparently straight but due to his long green braid, little tiara, earrings, and long eyelashes is perceived as very, very gay. His apparel, which consists of what looks like space armor, a bikini bottom, and what look like giant leg and arm warmers do nothing to aid his claim to straightness. His voice in the abridged series is perfect for his multitude of accidental dirty jokes.
Zarbon: Well, Vegeta, I hope you've enjoyed being on top, because I'm about to put you back on the bottom: where you belong.
by Xacebans October 09, 2010
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The bishounen, pale green pink leg-warmer wearing right-hand man of Frieza. Transforms into a slightly less bish large, fat toad.

He is killed by Vegeta.
And then Vegeta killed Zarbon. *bows head* We mourn the loss of the bishest guy ever. *lights a candle*
by Kodina November 22, 2003
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My home planet where the purple monkeys once roamed freely... untill global warming got them to fly swim or drown...
I come from the plandt zarbon where the purple monkeys roam free.
by Melodramatic Mime September 27, 2003
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