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A funk band from Ohio. It is one of the greatest bands ever to walk the Earth and makes the most beautiful music you will ever hear.
Did you hear "Computer Love" by Zapp yet?
by 64impala March 20, 2008
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A funk band featuring Roger Troutman who's popularity soared in the 1980's. Known for dance hits like "More Bounce To The Ounce" and their electro-funk sound and innovative use of the talkbox.
Next to P-Funk, Zapp has to be one of my all time favorite bands for soul dance music.
by K-Star May 12, 2007
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exclamation used after insuffulation of narcotics, most commonly cocaine. always with two "p"s and and exclamation mark.
Hitting a huge rail John exclaimed, "Zapp!"
by Doctor Girlfriend February 29, 2008
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An amazing poem consisting of only one letter one time or several times over. Most of the time a zapp will consist of the letter "g".
that zapp i read the other day was amazing!
by lazer dawson April 26, 2007
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