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1. To be told an abnoxious, completely ridiculous, absolutely undeniably imposible lie, fabrication, or falsehood to.
ie.The "ill get you back tomorrow" is probably the most common of all Zaneing... This lie usally involves money for beer, cigs or other like substances. If you dont receive payment (work/cleaning) before you lend the money your odds of not obtaining reinbursment increases 6978%.

2. To be told of something that does not exist.
ie. "this workout machine works out your adominous." in the hopes that someone will say "oh really?" and just roll with it.

3. To be told the truth when it is completely inapropriate.
ie. Cop says "hello is Jane and/or John here?"
the Zaner replies " Yeah they don't want to talk to you though because they have warrents."
Cop says "yeah im going to have to go ahead and come inside."

4. to be told of a completely invented thing, then to have that thing be explained to you in great detail that makes no sense.
ie. "the t-virus" The T-Virus is like...Skynet + T-Virus (from Resident Evil) + Crack + Speed + 2.2 pounds of Meth - Intelligence + Dumb Luck - Self-Awareness x 10 Distructiveness + Annoying (sq) = Deadly efficient Computer/Pathogen
1. "Did i just get zaned?"
2. "I just got zaned"
3. "You totally just zaned me."

by Catherine Janeway September 17, 2007
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To be Zane'D is to make a phail and be corrected (To be corrected on a mispelled word) Originated in an IRC chat, when a user, called TDZane, made many spelling errors and was corrected constantly by his peers.
<NinjaPaper> Zan'd
<Zoey> *Zane'd
<NinjaPaper> got Zane'd on calling a Zane! (NinjaPaper mispelled "Zane'd" , so when Zoey corrected her, NinjaPaper "got zan'd". It is also posible for someone to "Zane" one's self, by correcting themselves.)
(To be) Zane'd (You got) Zane'd (I've been) Zane'd (I) zane (you) zane (He/She) zane (We) zane
by Ninja Paper September 27, 2007
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