a kid that is real nice has a lot of friends is understanding and never is an ass doesn't put up with shit and so one and is always one the game and never losses a girl friend/boy friend easily
guy/girl 1:dude did you see zane last night

guy/girl 2:ya dude he was like on fire with his/her gf/bf
by dark lord wolf July 19, 2009
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to be simultaneously sane and insane.
Corollary: Amuse the deity of your choice.
Zanists like to say to each other upon parting, "Go forth and be zane" or simply "be zane."
by Artaran August 25, 2006
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A thin little white dude who thinks he’s hot. he will never get a girlfriend and is gay as fuck. He usually hangs out with his peeps Ollie and Sam, but deep down inside even they think he is gay as fuck
Did you see Zane, he is thinnnnnnnnnn
That Zane looks like a fuckboy
by Bootylicker69_urmom January 30, 2018
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A super hot guy with blue eyes, who probably dyes his hair. He's mysterious and badass yet super caring and sweet. He's got a girlfriend but has girls crushing on him. No need to worry though he's loyal. He's got a great personality and it makes him even sexier.
Who's that, he's hot?

Oh that's Zane, he has a girlfriend.
by AngelCutiexo February 12, 2017
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The act of trolling others excessively.
"I just got zaned last night."

"Oh, man, that's bad."

"I know."
by haatsu September 22, 2011
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Vancouver has alot of zanes

characteristics of one :
fobbed out foreigner whos on the night crew because they can't speak the 1st language of country they are currently working, studying in or living in. they also wear the same shit everyday.
by LDNC December 04, 2014
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