2 definitions by Rumina

Rumina is very kind,loving,and very loyal and she will be very loving if you can trust her and you can be her friend
by Rumina April 1, 2018
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Zack, the guy you'll love with no regrets. He is sweet, kind, caring, funny, in general a perfect guy. Once you start talking to him you will be addicted to the said guy. He will make you feel like you're in heaven. Give you the love you deserve, the affections, everything. He is wise and has got some really good advice. Along with that he is also a good listener. If you happen to be really close with him and he loves you, then he'll cherish you and will always prove it to you in simple words and actions, but meaningful. If you happen to be the person he has fallen for then you're really lucky, because Zack is the best boyfriend. Overall Zack is a treasure to you.
person 1 : "Hey who's that guy?"
person 2 : "That's Zack, the treasure of this school."
by Rumina March 26, 2019
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