The expression Zone to Defend or ZAD (French: zone à défendre) is a French neologism used to refer to a militant anti-capitalist occupation that is intended to physically blockade a development project. The ZADs are organized particularly in areas with an ecological or agricultural dimension, notably in the permanent blockade village against an airport in Notre-Dame-des-Landes in the western French region of Normandy.
When the police attempted to evict the ZAD, one of them was set on fire.
by egel July 4, 2018
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Zombie Awareness Day also called Easter by Chirstians. A day memorializing the second documented zombie case in history, the first was a guy named Lazarus. An important historical event to note prior to the Zombie Apocalypse.
I'm sharpening up my swords on ZAD day, just in case.
by dustmans April 24, 2011
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Zad is a guy who has these kinds of personalities
Last night 3 kids tried to steal my stuff and suddenly a boy appears out of nowhere and stopped them and made them apologize to me in return I gave him some money he returned the money and said thanks but I didn’t do it for the money and he said be careful and walked away, that boy is such a Zad
by BigZad June 27, 2018
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synonym of awesome, pwnage, or kickawesome.
guy: dude, i just got a new psp!!!!!1!1!!1oneonetwelve

dude: zads!
by not_you_but_me June 21, 2008
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zombie apocalypes defense system
Tim do you have a ZADS????
by awesome-o9685 January 30, 2009
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When a guy is hella bad but you wouldn’t have sex with him.
by Donotcomeforme October 17, 2019
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Zad is a fucking god at everything he does and is fucking HANDSOME
Oh shit Zad is hot!
by aHotGirl69 October 9, 2018
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