Meaning of name: Little stream or river.

Yuval is a shy girl, who cares very deeply for those who she may love. She expects a lot but receives too little. In General Yuval is probably one of the most beautiful people on the inside and on the outside that you will ever meet. When you have a Yuval in your life, you must cherish her. Usually very popular and easily can make friends she is a really fun person to go partying with! She is funny, witty, smart and creative! Basically the best girl in a school/community/college/university/world/universe.
Friend: wow that girl is so amazing its unbelievable more people should be like her!

Me: Oh she must be a Yuval!!
by rinataly February 28, 2013
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That Yuval is so amazing, I want to be him.
by a;dklsja;ldkfja; September 14, 2020
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Yuval is a nice, friendly, cool person. He is a role model and a leader.
I love Yuval
by a;dklsja;ldkfja; September 14, 2020
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An Israeli name means one of the highest ranking aristocrats on the continent of Europe and Israel, in most other countries after the king. In most European countries, the title comes to describe a person who is a member of the royal family.
The Yuval of this century
All the ladies comes to Yuval
I wanna be a Yuval
by Yosigal November 25, 2018
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Either a pimp or an adorable fucking weeb. There is no in-between here.
"His name is Yuval, so he's either adorable or a pimp. Who wants to roll the dice?"
by Faisalliot July 4, 2017
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He is the mister of the punane.

He always late and he likes to eat Yemeni soup.
He has a long and thin dick and he doesn’t know how to fly an airplane
He lates again he made us a yuval
by November 24, 2021
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