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is a encyclopedia of medicine, prettiest & the cutest knows multiple languages, there ain't no girl like her, hate her for being so perf.
Everbody likes a Yukti. Be like Yukti.
by Lovehertothemoonandback May 21, 2018
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A beautiful girl meaning clever and having lots of ideas
She got 100 percent in that test . She's a yukti
by Hummingbird May 30, 2018
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from new delhi, loves street food(new delhi) loves to dance and loves the color yellow!
be a yukti, wear yellow!
by pujjufilesillybilly November 10, 2011
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(noun) (1)Indian name for a destined girl who will always be hated by her best friends' boyfriends.

(2)A girl who always keeps her douchebag boyfriend superior to her best friends and neglect the 'bros before hoes ' phrase at every point in life.

(3)A complete bitch.

(4)Can be a wholesome of all the meanings above.
Can't expect any good shit from Yukti, she's his bitchy slave
by OfcYouKnowMe July 21, 2017
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