'Yssup' is derived from spelling 'Pussy' backwards. It is the best way to get away with saying it in front of people who hate the P word.
When the menses be havin a sausage party, the girls throw the yssup party!...or Stop being such a yssup
by Munky November 07, 2003
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The action of a man losing his nut sack, do to fear or lack of confidence in his surroundings and getting a big hairy vagina.
Your new name is Yssup for your actions.

You have just been Yssuped.
by Shizzlenit November 12, 2010
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Another name for a pussy; Something you call someone when you are in a crowd and you don't want to say "pussy".
Yo man James is being such a yssup lately.
by Jet Lewis April 10, 2008
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Pronounced "hi-you-sip". Orginated in emails amongst friends trying to fool work email scanners when swearing in text. Bad words are typed backwards to disguise them, so they can be sent through without being blocked. Pussy becomes yssup. When actually pronounced, it sounds like "yousip". When said over and over it began to sound like the fireball sound Ryu makes in famous Streetfighter game. The "HY" sound at the beggining completed the sound effect. It provides men a verbal way of pointing out hot women in mixed company without anyone knowing.
4 guys sitting at a table in a restaurant with their wives. 1 of them sees a hot woman walk by, and says Hy-yssup! Thus letting the other men know to look around to check her out, without the wives knowing.
by martin prince January 31, 2006
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