The name of a city and township in Michigan having 48197 and 48198 zip codes. Ypsilanti is located just east of Ann Arbor and about 20 minutes west of Detroit. Commonly known as Ypsi (IP-see).
Often mispronounced as yip-se-lan-ti.
Ypsilanti is a very diverse place; you should visit it sometime.
by ChestertheJester August 24, 2004
It sucks. Don't Visit,
Dont visit Ypsilanti!
You might get beat up by a bunch of punk ass little white boys posing as gangsters!
by Devin J July 11, 2008
Named after the city adjacent to Ann Arbor, Michigan. An Ypsilanti Plume is when a prostitute farts blood on to your chest.
Hey honey, I'll give you $120 for a blumpkin and an Ypsilanti Plume.
by Ted Cactus December 30, 2009
I went for a run and then went straight to the bedroom to give my wife an Ypsilanti Fanny.
by jtrice157 August 2, 2010
County of origin: Sac and Fox

When attacking a lady friend from behind she mentions that you might be the smallest thing she’s had since junior high. You then proceed to give her a wicked awesome YPSILANTI Uppercut which is performed whilst yelling ‘YPSILANTI’ at the top of your lungs.

It differs from the donkey punch because you catch the chin as apposed to catching the base of the skull. Different style concussion, a different style of Stall0wnage.

Teh kicker: You probably are the smallest thing she’s had since junior high, but who’s on top and who’s on bottom now!

Thirdly: You can leave the room with out the awkward look of shame that most women have given you over the years
When Wanda insulted my manhood, I gave her a swift YPSILANTI Uppercut, drank her Crystal Light and left her on the bathroom floor to think about what she had done wrong.
by BabySealClubSamich November 8, 2007
A city with nothing but broke wanna be ass niggas who dicksuck and hate. And it’s FULL of under cover gay niggas
Hey ! Ever been to Ypsilanti Michigan ?
Yeah it’s lame as shit fuck that city
by Dagger April 4, 2018
Great place to go to school to get a great education. But, when you step off of campus, you'll be robbed. Expect a gun to your head.
Where are you going tonight?.....Ypsilanti, Michigan....Watch your purse.
by EMUEagle February 5, 2011