a punch where a fighter comes up under the jaw to hit his opponent.
Dang, you see Mike, he uppercutted this guy and broke his jaw.
by Mallenc5 December 20, 2006
an upward curve of the penis. This also applies to right hooks as right curves of the cock, and Left hooks. For Downward curves See definition of "Southpaw"

Cock Combo Variations:

Uppercut Left Hook: left curve of the cock while still maintaining its upward curvature

Uppercut Right Hook: Right curve of the cock while maintaining its upward curvature
Laugh all ya want dickhead, then go ask your mom how much she loved the uppercut.
by thefallingdream January 19, 2010
a finishing puch used in professional boxing, where the fighter hits his opponent in the jaw from below
dixx john just used his deadly UPPERCUT to KO his opponent
by karist April 2, 2008
A.K.A. Mexican DP, Mexican Dragon Punch

Slang in OG FGC (fighting game community) that gained popularity during the Street Fighter 2 scene when a player that does not know how or want to do proper Dragon Punch (aka. DP, Shoryuken) special move and just does a basic crouching uppercut move instead.

In Street Fighter for shoto characters like Ryu, Ken, Akuma/Gouki, the move is done with Down+HP (aka. Down+Fierce, 2H, 2HP, 2Fierce) and you see the character crouching and doing an uppercut.

Very well known phrase that is still spoken about in the FGC. Still talked about by pros and veterans, such as Alex "CaliPower" Valle of Southern California.
Why DP when you can just do a Mexican Uppercut.
by shgl_ftw December 1, 2019
while a man is titty fucking a woman and his penis hits her chin, or "uppercuts"
Thanks for the mushroom uppercut Jim, you really knocked that tooth loose.
by long johnston November 27, 2007
A knee delivered to an opponent's groin. Phrase typically mentioned in football.
After the fumble, you see all the big linemen pile onto the ball. That's a nasty place to be, guaranteed you'll catch a couple elbows, or a French uppercut.
by Madman Shaemus August 17, 2013
When you use your well-trained pubococcygeus muscle (the make-your-cock-jump muscle) to give your beloved one an uppercut. Doesn't really enhance sexual gratification, but if you accomplish this feat, you can officially call yourself Iron Crotch.
- I gave her a dick-uppercut and knocked her out cold. She was so amazed when she woke up that she married me and we were happy ever after.
by relevant man April 8, 2008