"Yo! What's Up?" or with misspelling "Yo! Zup? as a short of "What's Up"
Danny: "Hello! Guy, What's Up?"
Guy: "Yoz!, Danny"
by ^indika^ May 25, 2005
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Phonetic spelling of Joz, australian slang for a joint. Some Australians think it clever to replace the 'J' sound with a 'Y' sound, giving the word a swedish quality. Thus furthering the stereotype that australians are in fact, culturally retarded.
Stoner #1: "Yo dude roll us a yoz..."
Stoner #2: "Fuck man, that sounds swedish, you're like swedish or something."
by QuietMelonHead January 05, 2011
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An imprecise throw.

Often done with reckless disregard for the consequences.

Heard in the North West of England.
"What happened to the half loaf of bread we had left in the bag?"
"Sammy yozzed it over that fence."
"Fuck's sake."
by Crusty Man of Rozzy September 04, 2017
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