A YouTuber is a person who uploads videos to YouTube.com and earns money from it through their fanbase
Pewdiepie has just uploaded a video and it has 63000 views! I want to be a YouTuber like him.
by August t. April 06, 2019
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Youtuber's make videos on how to do anything but what you want to know, like how to lace a blunt with pcp without the customer finding out what was in it until years later, or how to make a drink with meth in it that tastes like a four loko to college girls.
The youtuber made a video about how to tie boots and make a knuckle sandwich.
by Solid Mantis October 05, 2018
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Sub to waterwolf reed
If you read this you gay

If you read this you just waisted ten seconds of your life what are you doing stop reading stop stop stop be a You Tuber

Your mum gay
via giphy
by Sub to waterwolf reed July 31, 2019
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YouTuber, these are people that like to make money from creating and posting videos. They also like to entertain people.
Hey, who's your favourite YouTuber?
Hmmmm, probably Logan Paul, RiceGum or SAMMZ.
by Guess Who :] April 12, 2018
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