What 98.9% of high school children fail to see in themselves... Who people should be: their own selves.
You should rather be hated for being yourself, than being someone you are not.
by 1325 March 30, 2011
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The name that everyone but you has- the soul of a different entity.
Yourself; you are not me, but another.
by Kanthia January 1, 2006
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A piece of shit that can't do anything right in their life
My gosh don't be yourself
by TheBreadY December 29, 2018
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A unique way of saying "you too" when nervous around an attractive member of the opposite sex.
Female store clerk: "Have a great day!"
Guy trying to impress female store clerk: "Yourself!"
by Stringdogg November 25, 2010
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Gorgeous, beautiful and is smart enough to choose dogs over cats
Oh, look at her . She is beautiful. Her name, Yourself
by The Dodgest Dodge November 18, 2019
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What we all should do. Stop with the prep, emo, scene, hip hop scally wag horse crap or whatever. Wear what you want, be how you want. Who ever judges you for that is obviously questioning themselves more than anyone else.
by just,juststop March 10, 2011
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To be yourself is one of the hardest things to do! People may come along and you want to be them but you are who you are and it’s for a good reason. To be yourself is to have whatever job you want with whatever friends you want. To be yourself is not only to be nice but to thoughtful and fun!! So do whatever you want because you are you and nothing can change that.
by Me06 January 4, 2018
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