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The most awesome show on earth, starring Magnus Scheving (six-time European champion gymnast, entrepreneur of the year and an Icelandic citizen) as Sportacus, a guy in blue spandex who pwns Robbie Rotten's butt every time he tries to make Lazy Town lazy.

Also includes Stephanie, an eight-year-old who sings better than your mom and wears all pink and has a questionable relationship with Sportacus which includes a lot of hugging and sharing personal secrets, Ziggy, a superhero in training who eats too much candy and has leet ninja skills, Stingy, who has a car and is like seven, Pixel, a h4x0rm45t3r who has a crush on Stephanie and Trixie, who isn't in a lot of the episodes.

Has the best songs in the whole entire universe.
No-one's lazy in Lazytown!
by Kanthia December 31, 2005

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French for 'seal'. Commonly used by giggling ten-year-olds in french classes because of its interesting pronounciation.
Ten-year-old1: phoque you!
Ten-year-old2: lol u sayd seal
by Kanthia January 02, 2006

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What you're supposed to say instead of 'hello', because that world has hell in it and is therefore somehow satanic.
Heaveno, I'm Satan. Pleased to meet you.
by Kanthia January 02, 2006

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The name that everyone but you has- the soul of a different entity.
Yourself; you are not me, but another.
by Kanthia January 01, 2006

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The name that only you can call yourself.
I am who I am: myself.
by Kanthia January 01, 2006

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The name reffering to the ungodly amount of AMVs that feature clips fom Dragonball Z set to a song by Linkin Park.

Supposedly, people make Linkinball Z AMV's because the "Action in the music reflects the action in the Anime". Bullshit. The only reason people make them is because Dragonball Z is the only Anime they can watch and Linkin Park is the only music they can listen to (because all of their friends are watching and listening to it).

Generally, Linkinball Z AMVs are done poorly because the people making theme are new to Anime...and to the music industry.
Don't believe me? There are 870 Linkinball Z AMVs on amv.com.
by Kanthia December 22, 2004

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Someone who is proud to live in the country they live in.
My name is Kanthia, and I am Canadian.
by Kanthia January 02, 2006

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