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a phrase used to insult people.
after losing a fight, you are left bloody and broken, and beat.
therefore, when someone thinks they are better then you, or that your lame, or pathetic, or something to that effect, "Your beat".
Girl: hey can you cmoe to the movies?.
Girl 2: maybe let me check..
Girl: okay.
Girl 2: nope. im sorry. i have to work.
Girl: oh thats lame. your beat for that one.
Major: omg!. dude look at that girl!.
DJ: oh wow. shes beat.
Major: i know right. her car is a hot mess, and her facee.
DJ: yupp. thats why shes beat.
Kid: i want to go to this movie so bad!.
Mom: i will drive you then.
Kid: but i need money.
Mom: well when you have enough, i will take you.
Kid: but mom i only need 2 more dollars! can i please borrow them?.
Mom: no, your OWN money.
Kid: *on the phone with friend* yeah i cant go. i need 2 bucks and my mom said no. sorry.
Friend: oh shit. that sucks dude. your moms beat.
by Major. June 11, 2008
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