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What my 13 year old wigger brother says because he thinks your momisn't cool anymore...

Like it ever was >_<
"Hey, listen to me you little asshole!"
"Your dad! Your dad! Your dad!"
"My dad is your dad too you fucktard." *face palms*
by Laverne April 15, 2004
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E.g. "Smut Bunny" (sex bunny, bishie)

A bishounen/bishoujo that you have a fetish for and like to be dirty with. The smut is generally submissive.
"Ernie is my smut bunny."
by Laverne January 23, 2004
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A negative term describing the 'dialect' of any person who inadvertently throws in a Japanese word or two when there is no English equivalent or the Japanese word fits better.

NOT the same as Engrish, which is Japanese translated badly into English, accompanied by incorrect pronunciation.
I called him a bishie and now the arrogant Americans who think their own culture superior and can't handle any foreignisms have labelled me a fangirl and say I speak Japanglish.
by Laverne April 15, 2004
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