When someone you hate or someone annoying cries. So you drink their tears. Typically they cry so much you fill a mug with tears and drink it.
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Annoying Douchebag You Hate: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
You: drinks tears
You: your tears here.
by EmployeeBob April 14, 2017
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A lyric from the song 'Save your tears' By the Weekend - Heard at the Superbowl of 2021.
Have you heard 'save your tears' by the weekend yet? It's my favorite song.

I don't think so...WAIT I hear it at the Superbowl - that song was awesome but underrated.
by moonini February 8, 2021
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The sentence "Let me be the grave to your tears" is a metaphorical expression that means "let me be the one who helps you overcome your sorrow or grief."

The word "grave" typically refers to a burial place for the dead, and tears are often associated with mourning or sadness. So, the sentence is essentially saying that the speaker wants to be a place where the other person can lay their sadness to rest, similar to how a grave provides a final resting place for the deceased.

In other words, the speaker is offering to be a source of comfort and support for the person who is experiencing sadness or grief.
Lara: If only I were to have a place to let go of my burdens and cries...

Bob: Oh Lara, let me be the grave to your tears
by nachogooda March 10, 2023
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When you cry so hard that your tear ducts dry up and you become extremely down because there is no longer any purpose to cry about not doing a certain task.
Hey Cory, cry until your tear ducts are dry.
by Smody Cirtster August 24, 2011
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command that someone moves swiftly so as to cause their ass cheeks to tear apart. Abrv. TYA
tear your ass to the crib before I beat your ass

Tear your ass! or TYA!
by DRED 4000 January 20, 2009
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The largest, most odiferous bowel movement of the day, one that usually occurs in the morning. This movement is often accompanied by or caused my an extremely upset stomach, due to fears of the government, the president, the situation in Iraq, terrorism, medicare, the state of the world...
Man, did you just shed your morning tear for Nixon, dude? It stinks in here.
by DebWeb January 22, 2006
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