a varitation on "Your Face".
Used when your friends allready said "Your Face"
Or, when there really sick of it
person 1 :hey wanna go out on a date
Person 2: your ugly
Person 1: your place is ugly
Person 2: um, um, ummm

Person 1: this is awesome
Person 2: your place is awesome
by Peter Seltzer November 22, 2004
Daniel and Tasha are talking

Daniel:So Tasha your place, or mine?

They both go back to daniels place and do it.

by Fucktarded Scarecrow August 2, 2009
To put someone in his place is to say or do something that lets another person know he is not as special, powerful or important as he thinks he is.
When a teacher tells the supposed class clown “i will put you in your place”.
by Mr..Right October 15, 2018
what you shout at your girl when she's giving you shit. best if preceded by a pimp slap, or similar action.
girl: i will smash up your monitor and shove your pc up your ass if i catch you playing Starcraft again.

by make me a fuckin sandwich, jen January 15, 2010
A DVD trilogy of (mostly) fucked up found footage films, there are 3 films in the trilogy (no shit) Ensuring Your Place In Hell, Ensuring Your Place In Hell 2, Ensuring Your Place In Hell 3.
Eypih 1 contains: Grave Robbing for Morons, Cooking with Huck Botko, Mortuary of the Dead, Exploding Varmints

Eypih 2 contains: Exorcism in Turkey, Wonderland 1981 Crime Scene, Experiments in the Revival of Organisms, High Impact: Hand Safety Video
Eypih 3 contains: Plant Earth About to be Recycled (Heaven’s Gate Initiation), The Enemy Japan, Rayshard Brooks Killing, Begotten
dude: yo have you seen Ensuring Your Place In Hell?
guy: no
by Thiswillruinmyfuture89 June 24, 2022
Meaning to go to the person’s place to have some sort of sexual relations
A: that was a nice date thanks !
B: glad you like it, sooo how bout we go ahead and let’s go to your place
A: oh like in 😉
B: yeah bb
by Cross eyed onion June 18, 2020