It's been a good time, now it's time to go
Man, I had a blast with the fam! I will catch y'all later it's been one!
by naturallyRonnie February 15, 2015
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Very handsome, hard worker, and one-of-a kind. Loves his family more than anything in this world, might be a little overprotective at times but has a good heart. Freshest nigga alive fr. Frequent flyer. Bad bitch getter. BEEN ONE.
There go BEEN ONE in another Benz!

Damn, BEEN ONE took my bitch again?
by beenone November 23, 2021
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It's time for action
It been over
It's been "one more time" now it's on sight!

It's been one. I'm done with this
by How you know in the know June 17, 2022
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