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A specimen of the internet similar to the 4chan user but slightly less revolting. A YouTube commenter makes an account just to post comments, and typically will say anything that crosses his (Or occasionally her) mind in 500 characters or less and is an expert at doing so. A true YouTube commenter dedicates lots of their time commenting on videos, either hoping to reach top comment (Or at least get noticed), or just to express their completely unfiltered opinion. They are always expressing their opinions no matter how socially acceptable they are. Although many would say that their comments induce hate, they are still one of the most entertaining parts of YouTube, often cooperating to make humorous comment chains, or create comments so hilarious, that they have been made into minor memes. In recent times (Which in internet years, is very recent from the creation of this definition), YouTube's unwelcome owner Google has put a crackdown on YouTube commenters (Which Google inaccurately classifies as a separate species known as trolls) by forcing users into making them use Google Plus to make comments, but due to the nature of YouTube commenters, with little success, as YouTube is their homeland. Not to be confused with YouTubers or YouTube users.
YouTube commenter: fake and gay
Black guy YouTube user: "god is fak"
White guy YouTube user: "hay tske that back u ngr pice of shit"
Another YouTube commenter: "Fight, fight, blck vs white!"
by thisplacesucksass November 10, 2013
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Those with the desire to place input in something that didnt require evaluation or input. Typically those who lack reading comprehension or common sense, and they tend to cause unnecessary comment chains or arguments that would have never arisen if they didn't possess narcissistic retarded tendencies that typically translate into terrible listening skills in real life and somehow making things about themselves.
Person: I like salt with my potatoes.
Youtube commenter: I disagree.
Person: ... How was this up for discussion?
by thepragmatist July 24, 2015
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Quite possibly the worst "people" on the planet.These cretins represent the worst of the lot in humanity and post their vile and disgusting comments to somehow vent their unholy bile vicariously through these random videos.they range from perversion,homophobia,racism,intimidation,hatred towards law enforcement officers,jealously,rage,cyber bullying and death threats.

A great deal of these posters are unemployed,still living at home or in the basement.They are slovenly looking with scraggly beards and out of shape,distrusting of the government and usually spend their pathetic existences consuming energy drinks,cunsuming prescription drugs and toggling from playing Xbox to posting disgusting comments on youtube.
by Ratherfish June 09, 2014
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