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There are 4 types of YouTube comments:

1. Short, 1 to 3 syllable comments. These are usually positive, but are still retarded.

2. Advertisements of any kind. Usually for crappy porn sites, or for other YouTube channels.

3. Negative criticism. While this isn't usually a bad thing, the highest level of criticism on YouTube consists of insulting someone else's sexuality

4. The insane, rambling argument. These are most common on religious and political videos, and always against the ideologies espoused in the video. Often it starts out somewhat sane, but quickly declines into runon sentences about government mandated brain control.
Types of YouTube comments:

1. i like it.

2. That is awesome check out my vidz: ht t p : / / ww w. y o utu b e.co m/ ineedtodie

3. dat vid suked ur gay u faget i suk off ur mom every nite

4. if the govnrenment didnt do 911 how com it happend on 911 it was a plan orcastrated by the us wiht help of new world order organization ho put fluorine in water 2 kil kidz mercury injections chemtrails evil jewish space aliens jfk moon landing was actually venus glucose is lethal RISE UP VOET 4 RON PAUL
by youtubesucks May 26, 2008
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