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Most of Urban Dictionary's definitions. This place has really gone downhill.
Dictionary definition of Atheist:
Disbelief in a god.
Urban Dictionary:
A fedora wearing neckbeard who has no lyfe and is a 40 yr old virgin hurr durr!!
Talking shit is Urban Dictionary's only purpose...
by Talking shit September 19, 2014
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Anyone who uses Urban Dictionary as an actual source of information, or anyone who makes sexual definitions out of non-sexual words on Urban Dictionary. See Urban Dictionary Virgin
Dumbfuck: Im bord so im gonna publish a sexual definition for pipe line. Hurr hurr im so cool
Dumbfucks: Yeah ur cool dawg
Normal people: Fucking boneheads these days..
by Talking shit May 16, 2015
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When read, reader usually dies a little inside.
Typical YouTube Comments:

U suk u stupid n00b i fuk ur mom every nite
Arabs are smelly terrorists!
U hate BOTDF? Ur a fat ugle cunt kill urself!!! *chokes on cocks and dies of gonorhoea*
The degeneracy is extreme...
by Talking shit September 26, 2014
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