The worst place to be in. And the land of unfunny memes.
For example, The Youtube comments section is now like:

zoom: exists

discord: ima end this man whole career
by FaintnessStraws July 01, 2020
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Often filled with Porn bots, Annoyingly overused memes, bad jokes, and arguments usually over the dumbest of problems.
The YouTube comment section is a dangerous place.
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Quite arguably worst place on the internet, where everything, even the most uncontroversial videos will be flooded by trolls, racists and other different kinds of jerks in seconds, if not nanoseconds.
Person 1: lel, get back to arabistan, you ****
Person 2: Jeez, guys, you're worse than youtube comment section, and that's a high bar to meet
by Ramizan April 15, 2019
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Simply the best part of Youtube
Kid A: Damn son, have you seen the comments on ----'s video?
Kid B: Dude, I'm still crying. These comments were hilarious! I will never get bored of reading Youtube's comment section!
by Divoltious January 03, 2015
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