a female who is classy, sexy, hard to get, and amazingly good in bed. The kind of girl you have to work really hard to get, but when you do it was worth all blue balls you suffered because of her. The kind of girl you want, and would never give up on.
I'm tired of all these little skanks, I want a classy ass betch.
by Wilmy March 17, 2011
when a bitch knows she's a bitch but still is classy and sassy. a classy ass bitch also doesn't give a fuck what you think and is gonna stay a classy ass bitch no matter what kind of shit hoes and man whores put her through.
person 1: god she's such a whore
person 2: dude shut up she's just a classy ass bitch that knows what she wants
by classy ass-bitch April 17, 2016
a ratchet female but you won’t know she’s ratchet until you hang out and party with her other than that she keeps it classy with her long ass ghetto weaves, long ratchet ass nails, and keep a glock 26 in her purse. she is classified as a “loyal wifey type” most definitely a rider that’s what makes her a classy ass ratchet bitch
damn he’s married to a classy ass ratchet bitch. i want one! i know she a rider she’s very classy in public but i know she will get ratchet and buss a nigga in his ass about her man. now that’s a real rider!
by liltrapphouse September 28, 2019