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Definition: The term markel is usually used to describe a handsome yet talented man. He has a beautiful sense of humor and is loved by many.
Man: Wow who is that?
Other Guy:oh that's markel.
Man: I wish I was him.
by Dr.Dicklittle March 13, 2017
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A boyfriend u can trust that makes u laugh. He is a trouble maker but in a good way. He so fuckin cute and funny.
Markel is my boyfriend.
by Mariashorty March 24, 2019
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Markel is a really cool person, trys to hard to get what they want. Really compassionate, sometimes stupid, can get down to earth, laughs a lot and covering up as much of sadness, depression he can. He is there when you need them, he can give you the world if you give him the chance. He respects your decisions, privacy and best of all the person for who they are. Small. Tall. Big. Gay. Heterosexual. Dumb. Funny. Loving. He respects you.
Hey dont be like Morgan, be like Markel
by nobodybutyou March 04, 2019
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The strongest most handsome guy ever!
goes to East Valley High School.

E-mail him:

Do it now!!!!1
Markel is the best ever. and yeah, that is pretty much it...
by Jennifer woodbury March 26, 2008
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A black male that fake swings at you and looks like a walrus!
Ahhh!!!! It's a markel
by Boi75 April 23, 2017
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a bitch ass nigga who watches porn and sends memes to a group chat all day
that guys acts like a markel
by flexico47 June 29, 2017
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Markel is a really nice girl who does all she can to help everyone around her. She has a bomb personality. She likes to dance even though she can’t, her joke are hilarious and sometimes corny and oh not to mention she has a nice booty and she kinda short. She is lit asf
Him: who’s that fine girl over there

Friend: oh that’s Markel. Man she fine asf
by Kelly kells September 24, 2017
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