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Used by Famous TikTok influencer @itsnoah.d assuming that someone is being silly, or a bit peculiar. Acting in a strange way.
β€œHey Charli Damilfio I’ve been dumping your drink on myself for 100+ Days trying to get your attention, and you still haven’t noticed me!?!? You Silly?”
by Itsnoah.d December 16, 2020
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Oh you’re just being alive? I’m horny too
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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A form of adult baby-talk, meaning "you are silly." Used chiefly by females and homosexual or bi-curious males.
Me: Look at my definition for Geli.

chick: (reads it) You silly. Want a Geli.

Me: Fuck no. I'm not a pervert.

chick: Want a blumpkin, that's not really perverted anymore.

Me: What the fuck, why not? Where's the bathroom?
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 07, 2010
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