A census taker tried to quantify me once. I promptly demonstrated to him that you are what you eat, Clarice. FFT-FFT-FFT-FFT-FFT-FFT-FFT ...,
by Fearman November 29, 2007
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A great comeback when someone insults you. On a scientific level this works because the things we eat actually make up our bodies. But if you were called... for example... a pussy... you get the idea.
"You never do anything daring. You're such a pussy"

"Hey, you are what you eat."
by Eglerian April 05, 2015
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A saying that is used when someone who eats pussy acts like what he eats. (substituting the noun pussy for the verb pussy).

Gangsta 1: You fronted that nigga 2 pounds because he was rolling deep.
Gangsta 2: It aint even like that.
Gangsta 3: You are what you eat. (as he cocks the desert eagle).
by Dem Bloodz March 11, 2006
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