“Put your seatbelt on.” Jessica said.
“HAH, YOLO!” Replies Anna.
(They then proceed to have a car crash. Long story short...Wear a seatbelt.)
by Soy ugly April 24, 2019
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Abbreviation for: you only live once
The dumbass's excuse for something stupid that they did
Also one of the most annoying abbreviations ever....
Guy 1: "Hey i heard u got that girl pregnant"

Dumbass 1: " Ya man but hey YOLO"

Guy 1: "Hey i heard that you broke ur leg falling off the balcony at that party"
Dumbass 1: "Ya but hey YOLO"
by shlubster July 21, 2012
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A term people should have stopped using last year.
"Dude, why are you still saying yolo?"
by DefinedbyVictor November 28, 2014
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You only live once..... Pretty much Carpe Diem for fucknuts, dipshits, twat waffles, and other dregs of society
I had to kick the shit out of my neighbor after i caught him dropping a deuce in my yard yelling YOLO!
by DeezNutz79 July 23, 2013
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Y: Shut
O: The
L: Fuck
O: Up
When you think about using Yolo, just shut the fuck up.
by Murph Murph May 4, 2012
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ALERT! ALERT! This word cannot be used if you're trying to keep some reputation or even just some friends... YOLO means "You Only Live Once" but like, if you use it you ain't gonna have that "once"... Nor that "live".
Some dumb dude trying to prove he's a bad boy: yo, let's break that window
Some prehistoric dude: yeah, man, YOLO!
Litteraly everyone who heard him: Uhhh yeah I'm outta here this guy is such a weirdo like, beyond weirdo actually so let's just ignore him and never talk to him again!
by YourMammaSearched March 10, 2021
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You Obiously Love Oreos
by hunii June 22, 2012
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