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a man of pure musical genious
aphex twin produces excellent idm/electronic music
by zaphod June 17, 2003

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Big. Bigger than big.
"look at the size of that thing -
it's ginormous!"
by zaphod May 22, 2004

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a phrahse taken from a TV series called "great country"
arrange me the guy.
you cute you
by Zaphod March 23, 2005

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Means, shut the fuck up before i fuck shit up. Usually used in lettered form.
Dooooood, you best stfubcifsu!
by Zaphod June 23, 2004

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When every thing is going well. Or When everything is OK. syn: cool, kosher, peachy, etc.
"I'm feeling bushy" OR "hey man, you ready to go?" - "Yeah, I'm bushy". OR
"Man, that was a heated argument, are you two still friends?" - "Yeah, we're bushy".
by Zaphod May 26, 2004

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Deserting your friends/band mates/organization for your new found love or significant other.
pulling a Yoko: "Man we were doing so good and then he had to go and pull a Yoko"
by Zaphod May 26, 2004

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