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A goblet or chalice that "pimps" carry around with them at social gatherings. Usually ridiculously decorated in a "sparkly" fashion. In fact, it looks like someone gave a kid with ADD infinite access to a "Bedazzler" and a china cabinet. Usually carries around "Cristal" (krih-stahl) immitations and such.
"That cup's spackled more with diamonds than my toilet with shit after I eat too mush Taco del Mar!"
"Word dawg, thass a Crunk Cup all up in dis."
"So that's what happened to my goddamn Bedazzler..."
"Niggah what?"
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a term commonly used to describe a flashy gold or silver cup that is carried around and used to hold alcohol in.
Lil Jon carrys around his crunkcup so he can party it up.
by Mark Leonard November 29, 2007
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What my 40-something year old co-worker (irish lookin fro wearin whitey) thinks his 1970's glass from his home cabinet is when he is mixing his "herbal" teas at work.
He originally called it a G-Unit Goblet....we set him he now thinks this is his crunk cup.
I need to give a demo on the latest software using my faithful crunk cup by my side. Yo.
by JenV June 18, 2008
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