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A game you play with your buddies when you're bored. When girls pass by you either say "yes" or "no". The yes or no refers to whether the person saying it would have sex with the person he's referring to. This game is played outside (while waiting for the server to bring out your order) or next to a window. Best places are where there's moderate pedestrian traffic so that you don't confuse who he says yes to. This also gives you a good idea of the kind of girls your friend is into. Sometimes, though it can get tricky because the person in question could go either way. That's when the buddy can help a little. Make sure the pedestrians are out of earshot.
EX 1:

Andy: Man, I hope our order doesn't take long.
Dave: No problem. Let's play the yes or no game.

Andy: Cool. Alright,
Dave: What!! her?! No way dude! You're desperate.

EX 2: Andy: wait, she was a'twellsheoh-

Dave: come on dude!

by Studmachine November 29, 2011
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