loud exultation used when the outcome was in doubt and just turned your way, frequently used by (but not restricted to)sports fans, athletes, and announcers.

When used by victorious competitors it's meaning becomes "I own your ass!"
Tiger Woods anxiously watching an extremely long put heading towards the cup.


Tiger: YES!!
by Bulldog6 October 16, 2005
by February 7, 2022
Yes is yes.
Me: What's 2+5?
your mom: Yes
Me: Ok thanks!
by JustJason ;) November 8, 2021
dud how does yes do yes the fortnite
by LlamaLandon November 18, 2019
The opposite of no, there's nothing else about this definition... Yay
Dude: Hey Mike, you wanna have sex
Mike: Yes
by AmazingWaffles July 21, 2019
According to humans, yes means no. Also according to humans, humans are indecisive as fuck and can't choose between yes and no. So if you say the word yes to a question which was a yes or no question, there is a high chance your answer doesn't matter at all.
''Would you like bread?'' ''Yes, please.'' ''Well ok, if you didn't want bread you could have just told me honestly.''
by Ohiokindanicetho November 26, 2022
When you talk to a woman and nod
You- Yes Uhhuh
by solo yolo March 2, 2018