Drug Dealer: Yo my nigga I got the yerks in they finna make u slump ong
Conner: Nah i only get high of puff bars
by Lil Scoop October 5, 2020
v. (to yerk) the act of stroking your dick for brief pleasure, and putting it away before ejaculation in order to carry on with your daily activities without dealing with the post-jerking off laziness/cleanup session.
Yerking often occurs during late night homework sessions when one becomes fed up with his work (writing an essay, doing research on the computer, etc.) so he decides he wants to jerk off... but doesn't want to deal with the jizz of it, and simply looks up "tits" on google images as opposed to watching full-out porn. Yerking often leads to jerking off anyway.

Henry - Yo Pat, what'd you give up for lent?
Pat - Masturbation... I know... what the fuck was I thinking??
Henry - Well at least you can still yerk.
by 40daysand40nights April 2, 2011
Adj. To sniff a drug. Originated in the dirty den. (Meriden, Connecticut)

Adj. For a male to Jack-Off.
I just yerked a pill.

I just yerked some cocaine.

I just yerked in the bathroom.
by CHALK1110 August 23, 2008
Basically Jacking off
-Orginated in Cali when someone was refering to Jerky and other people translated it as yerky
Joe - "Hey nick what were you doing"
Nick - "Just got done yerking it"

Joe - "Bout to go have a sick ass yerk session"
by Yerkmaster February 18, 2010
N. To Sniff a drug.
N. To Jerk off.
N. To Puke after drinking.
Damn you yerked that coke fast dude.
Damn dude, don't yerk in public!
Dudeee, DAMN, you yerked all over my shoes.
by CHALK1111 November 17, 2008
When a person demands that an individual complete their work.
Commmanding a slacker to finish their tasks, and make their life worthwhile.
"alice! go finish up yerk!"
by Anant Patel May 5, 2006
The hood Viagra. Andy Griffiths yungn...
I need some yerks, I'm tryna break shawty back!
by ReBeLLiFe215 December 23, 2018