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To ejaculate with such force that it causes pain in your anus and taint area.
β€œMan, I yekked so hard last night that I can barely walk today!”
by MacMarty February 20, 2018
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A Yek is a black woman, usually of Sudanese decent. They are extremely volatile and skilled with hand-held weapons, namely sticks. They are not fond of strangers, especially those who refer to them by their sacred name, Yekky. They chase these intruders with sticks while chanting ancient curses to haunt the souls of those poorly afflicted.
A common term used to describe a scenario in which one is utterly DESTORYED, it is said that they got "yekked".

Zac got chased by a Yek. He shall never be the same.
by SlipperyScrotum August 05, 2015
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a person of Bangladeshi decent. Often badly odored. They are dark-skinned people often annoying people by singing Pokemon songs. He/she also like to fondle their genital with jill and lilly. They also like doing cartwheels on the field during lunch and break out instantaneously into singing.
Dude that kid is so annoying! What's his deal?

He's a Yek so just let him be.
by misterdonut January 13, 2010
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