Jevin is a popular slang term that began in the 1600s, used to describe an Alpha.
Person #1: That guy is such a Jevin...
Person #2: ikr, WOW! I wanna be just like him
Everyone else in the room: Same.
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A Jevin is one of the best people you could possibly meet. He's kind, compassionate, and bashful. However, he knows when to be serious. He's responsible and mature but knows how to have a good time. Jevin will always have your back, no matter the cost. He's lovable and helpful, and there is a guarantee that you can trust him with your life. At first, he may seem feisty, but over time, he'll warm up to you. Jevin will care about you without asking for anything in return. Jevins are truly gifts from God, and if you meet a Jevin, I hope you realize how lucky you really are.
"Wow, he's really cool."

"Don't you know? That's Jevin!"
by LizzbethhBellee June 28, 2022
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Jevin's are cool, cute, and are shy at first but then really fun to be around once they open up. They are very music oriented and aren't afraid to say what they feel. Jevin's have a sweet smile and sincere eyes. They know when to joke around, and when to take things seriously. Jevin's are one of God's greatest creations.
I wish I had a Jevin.. They're perfect in every way.
by Hummingbird November 24, 2012
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Jevin is very trust worthy guy he’s not like the other jays he’s funny he knows what’s wrong by looking at you. He is nice he will always Comfort u and will complement u when u need it he will always tell u how much he loves u and cares about u.
by Don’t hate me May 21, 2020
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Cool guy, flirts alot. Hot sexy and smart. Girls love him. Guys love to hang out with him.
Wow that guy is such a jevin.
by RandomSis October 4, 2010
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a cool asian kid. he's smart and funny and a HUGE flirt.
Mannn.. I wish i was Jevin..
by thatchickkkkkkkkk December 10, 2009
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A hustler who smokes dank baut sells mid's for the price of dank
he has mad hos and keeps them on the DL
A guy goes and steals someones weed and sell them the sme shit back that's a jevin

that jevin took ur ho tree and money
by John February 25, 2004
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