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Someone who is good lookng but piss her off and your dead
Yejin is so cute
by fuKHERRITEINTHESENPAI December 25, 2014
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yejin was born in korea but lives in a rich suburban part of the states. shes prone to flirting with every boy within a 10 feet radius of her. has an amazing style and looks so good with a messy bun. she doesn't know it but she has the most adorable smile and is always in a good mood. uses the word penis or bitchass at least once every thirty minutes. she has a dry sense of humor and can make anyone laugh. will always stand up for her friends even in front of a lot of people.
Person 1: is that yejin?

Person 2: bro I had a crush on her since like the 6th grade.

Person 3: dude..everyone had a crush on her...
by lalalalaalalaBITCH November 29, 2018
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One of those muscular polish dudes who are rich and get all the girls. P.S. He has a huge ZIZI
by Kia lover January 03, 2019
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Yejin, with a face like hers she is always photogenic, however might not know it. Super athletic but modest about it. She flirts shamelessly and is friends with LITERALLY everyone because everyone wants to be friends with her. Lives for bad jokes and pick up lines and laughs at everything. Loves cursing, but knows when to curse at the right time. Her highlight is always poppin even if she doesn't try. The most adorable, relatable little girl everrrr. Yejin is just a kick ass person
Kim Kardashian: Do you remember Yejin?

James Charles: How could you not remember her?

Kim Kardashian: EXACTLY.
by the asian expert dot calm December 16, 2018
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