When you fucking throw something hard as you can.
I yeeted my stupid ass little brother into the trash can.
by youhavebeenyeeted May 12, 2019
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A verb used to describe a person or object getting emotionally or physically wrecked.
David: I just got absolutely yeeted by Tommi when she dumped me..
by reluctant ninja February 11, 2018
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As I walked through the halls I yeeted my plastic water bottle into the recycling bin.
by The Enchilada May 15, 2018
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The true past tense of yeet. I know it's uninspired, but it makes the most sense.
If the past tense of fleet is fleeted, the past tense of yeet is yeeted.
by FresnoNightcrawler August 9, 2018
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A word when someone throws something across a room
by Oofymcoofer August 8, 2018
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The modern day term used to describe the process of being booted off a social networking platform in response to a rabid progressive outrage mob or a or a progressive Tech-company's far left leaning bias.
Holy shit did you see Boab's Twitter account got Yeeted for sharing crime statistics of black crime rate's in America when a group of rabid progressives got offended by the facts and called him a raciest and twitter jack made the executive decision to ban him for sharing already published scientific data.
by BoobsMgee November 12, 2018
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I yeeted a shoe across the river yesterday and it hit my kangaroo in the face.
by bobemfesponga December 28, 2018
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