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A white-trash, redneck, keystone-light-drinking, grizzly-dipping type of person who is a big Earl Dibbles Jr fan. This person won't be caught dead driving anything but a big loud diseal engine truck. Also has been known to fly a confederate flag, despite not even being from the South. Usually equipped with a bunch of shitty tattoos of some patriotic or mildly racist meaning. Most notably this person has been known to let off a loud "Yee-Yee" when excited or aroused.
Person one: "why do you have a confederate flag flying off the back of your truck if you're from Maine?"

Yeetard: "Man it ain't about racism, it's about a lifestyle. It's about huntin, fishin, drivin trucks, dippin, and yellin YEE YEE!!!'

Person one: "No it's not, you dumb racist yeetard."
by GreedyCarrot June 07, 2017
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A person who says the word "yee" instead of saying "yes," causing them to sound like an overly excited retard
Man #1: Did you want to throw up some hoops tonight?

Man #2: Yee

Man #1: What the hell? Are you retarded?

Man #2: Hey watch it man, it's pronounced yeetard. Totally different.

Man #1: Whatever it is, you sound like a retard who just jizzed his pants.
by yeemon February 17, 2011
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