This phrase can be used as a comeback to anything; it can be used as positive or negative connotations.

This expression was first coined back in 1983 to Jordan.
"You are a rat bag" comeback "Yeah .. Good" spoken loudly with an air of arrogance.
"That's a nice handbag you're wearing" "Yeah good" spoken quickly in a soft voice
by Brian Susso Horta March 29, 2007
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the ultimate comeback.can be used in any has to be said so that the three words run into eachother.
simliar to ''i know you are but what am i''
''your gay!'', comeback= '' yeah good man! ''
''you are a lookalike of a flexable dick'' , comeback= '' yeah good man! ''
by Dylan Armstrong June 27, 2006
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Something the priest says when he either doesn't care what you're saying or he's not paying attention.
"Father, I need to speak with you about a problem"............" "YEAH" .................."It's about the bingo tables."..........." "RIGHT" "I think they are too heavy."........OK............."I think they gave me a hernia."............."GOOD" Yeah, right, OK, Good
by Norm Freel October 12, 2018
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Simply to deny someone in a douchey way that most likely won't be understood by the opposition.
Person 1: Hey, wanna go to the mall?
Person 2: Yeah, you're good on it.
by You wanna go touch wawa? April 12, 2017
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See something and pretend to see how good they were
Guy: what ya got there

Gal: bae I’m pregnant

Guy: Yeah that’s good
by SKL0090 December 9, 2018
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