3 definitions by Dylan Armstrong

ryming slang for someone who is a 'bender'.
gets its name from the english soap opera show.
'he's a right eastender'

by Dylan Armstrong October 30, 2006
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Rhyming slang for the word 'ridiculous'.
Can be abbreviated to just 'nicholas' , 'st. nick','nick','nicholas anelka' or any other person by the name nicholas.
'that haircut is st. nicholas'
'this is nick'
'those shoes are nicholas anelka'
by Dylan Armstrong March 27, 2008
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the ultimate comeback.can be used in any situation.it has to be said so that the three words run into eachother.
simliar to ''i know you are but what am i''
''your gay!'', comeback= '' yeah good man! ''
''you are a lookalike of a flexable dick'' , comeback= '' yeah good man! ''
by Dylan Armstrong June 27, 2006
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