Yarchin b*tch club is a Cp anime. It feteshizes mlm. It sexualizes Minors too. The fandom is weird.
Person 1: I watched YBC!!
Person 2: Oh, what is that?
Person 1: It's a yaoi!
Person2: What's a yaoi?
Person 3: It shouldn't be in the yaoi catagory. I don't recomend watching it.
by trump=ew April 11, 2021
A anime that sexualizes minors and supports r@p3 and it fetishsizes mlm and also means Yarichin Bitch Club
Person 1:Hey have you watched ybc?

Person 2:No I haven't
Person 1:It's really good!

Person 3:Don't watch it it has rape in it and that I don't recommend it
by K4! July 29, 2021
person 1 - Do u know watch ybc?
person 2 - I don’t.

person 1 - let’s be friends 😫😫
by ybcslanderherepls March 16, 2021
Also known as Yarchin Bitch club
TW: Mention of r4p3 and sexualizing
An anime that sucks
It supports r4p3 and sexualizes minors
Its an anime thats nsfw

It can be found on youtube (you need an account for it)
Dude 1: "Have you seen YBC?"
Dude 2: "Yeah, duh. Its a really good anime"
Dude 3: "Yall watched it? I haven't. It sexualizes minors, and its gay (not homophobic). It also supports r4p3."
Dude 1: "Wait, thats true?"
Dude 2: "Huh?-"

Dude 3: "Its true. The creators of it suck too. The arts good but not the creators."
by Matthew.lol June 22, 2021
educated person: ew look at that ybc stan
by acsnikols April 29, 2021
“where are you at?” “ybc”
by okkkjayjay August 29, 2021
Yoshi Benjamin Coolio- The single greatest smash brothers character/international sex symbol. This cannot be any Yoshi but the dark blue Yoshi with bad ass pink boots.
by Dan_Osj March 23, 2005