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Yati is a kind and a admirable lady who always put others before herself . She likes blue Color and has brown eyes she likes to help others who are in need and always shows care and concerns who people who she does not even knows . She is popular among boys yet she does not fall in love easily . If you are loved but are Yati once your we’re lucky !! A few people are only privileged enough to be allowed into her heart . Once a Yati says I love you to you she will still loves you .
A Yati is difficult person to love , never miss a yati because she is a girl every guy wishes to have .
by Hariths July 13, 2018
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Fit lady. Gorgeous face and body in nice clothes
'mate u just missed the best yati, she was lovely!'
by james February 20, 2004
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Yet Another Trek Inconsistency. Used by die-hard Trek fans who just love to pick out the myriad of continuity errors in the Trek movies, like the one where Khan recognised Chekov in Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, but Chekov was never in the original episode Space Seed in the first place!
YATI : Star Trek V - Watch the trip up the turbolift shaft on Spock's rocket boots - the shaft is much larger than a lift, and the deck numbering is all wrong.
by A1701 June 14, 2018
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