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The future tense of the word yeet. Akin to the past tense of yeet, yote.
โ€œIโ€™m gonna yate this water bottle across the roomโ€
by Boutbeatmymeat November 29, 2017
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Condition which causes you to place an Amazon order, then shortly after remember something else you needed and place another order.
Wow, 10 Amazon boxes showed up on my door today. My Amazheimer's must be acting up again.

Person 1: Bro, your Amazheimer's is getting out of control.
Person 2: It's OK, I have Prime.
by SamboMayhem August 01, 2020
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Coming from a High School professor in TN, a "Yates" is a man who can do lots and lots of odd-ball things, is way the f*ck too smart, and doesn't give a sh*t lick on a dog's dick about how he dresses/looks. AKA: A kick-ass dude.
Whoa... Stalin looks like Yates...
by The Argonaut March 03, 2005
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To use your body or sexual persuasion in order to get drugs or high.
"That girl pulled a yates last night and got half my stash!"
by Donthemon May 11, 2013
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A combination of yeah and great. can also be spelled Y8 or Y888 if something is that great.
"Yo, i got a whole pack of newports!"

"yate yate!"
by SmokeMaddBlunts April 21, 2009
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1. Affirmative statement that does not necessarily give a specific answer to a question.
Q. Do you want Chipotle?
A. Yates.
by TKraemer April 16, 2008
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