Among the best in the world at DDR
Lives in Japan, hangs out with his bro Take, who's also among the best. He can AAA nearly everything, but he has to barrape on a lot of stuff.
omg Yasu is so sexy with playing Burning Heat with that sweat all over his body
by Slashtap3 October 22, 2004
Japanese DDR player who devoted his entire life to the game. Big celebrity among the DDR crowd. AAA'ed every single song in the game. Best of the best in the world.
Search a p2p program for his name. You're bound to come up with some of his works, especially his AAA of the monster Max 300.
by Xolom January 18, 2005
The best DDR player ever. He can pass one of the hardest DDR songs, MAX 300, with a perfect score.
Isn't Yasu the dude who flipped me off when he got 1 Great?
by dj gs68 May 14, 2003
Im a Yasu, my mum was in Snow White and the Seven Cocks.
by anon43333222222444 February 9, 2009
Yet Another System Utility.

Some kind of Mac OS X maintenance utility.
by CatzCradle July 1, 2009
Yasu (yah-soo) means friends wanting to be lovers. This could invlove sexual thoughts or dreams.
Billy? Yeah, he's such a yasu.

Remeber when that yasu admitted his love for Susan?
by kjellester April 18, 2017