A literal God. Will destroy your confidence in a single stare. An immortal being and the greatest fighter the world has ever seen. Will steal your girl with a simple look. Automatically decimates your confidence and self-esteem in one word. Make sure you are good friends with him, do not get on his bad side or this sociopath motherfucker will roast your ass to kingdom come.
Person A - "Fuck! I just gave the dirties to Yasser"
Person B - "Damn, watch your back B, Jessica is goonnne!"
Person C - "So is your self-esteem nigger"
Person A - "I done messed with the wrong God."
Yasser - "Hmph, puny boys, Jessica is enough for me, now go fuck eachother"
Person A,B,C - "Damn, let's go boys, we received orders... Thank you for sparing us oh mighty Yasser"
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by Urban Defenitioner December 13, 2018
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immortal being that solidifies the smoothness of a Dominican while having Lebanese descendence, which explains the exotic name. Has the ability to whoop your ass and dance any type of music and blend with any crowd. Will smoke your ass in his R1 any day. Find him hustling the streets of South Florida during the day, and running them at night. Trained in the Jungles of Panama by none other than the U.S. Army Infantry Division.
"Yasser's fucking bad!"
"He owns you!"
"He owns you too, bitch!"
by dominikandemon May 19, 2003
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The better version of Prince Persia, an adorable Teddy Bear, and loves Jersey Shore on MTV.
Yasser is is just about the cutest boi to come out of Penn state. fact.
by TheGuidoOfThe831 June 09, 2018
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The name Yasser originates from the word "Yossir" and/ "Yaseer". It means the clear royal path.

Many Arab families, name their precious sons Yasser.
Two pregnant women engage in a convo:
A: Is it a boy or a girl?
B: A boy.
A: Have you found a name yet?
B: Yes, Yasser.
A: What a nice name. The Yasser's I know are always handsome and charming.
by MadameNinja February 15, 2004
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Rhyming slang for cat.
Derived from the name 'Yasser Arafat', as the ending of the surname rhymes with cat.
An example of rhyming slang so bad, it is good.
"Oi, bitch, the YASSER is hungry, give it some meat..."
by Figure Number Five July 05, 2005
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A name you would call someone of a piracy background, normally a smelly person, and/or used at someone that talks a good talk but aint got shit on the court.
Jazmin: Look at Jamal, hes such a Yasser, his family came over here on a pirate ship.
Wade: True dat babe.
by Sneakers O'Tool May 23, 2010
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