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immortal being that solidifies the smoothness of a Dominican while having Lebanese descendence, which explains the exotic name. Has the ability to whoop your ass and dance any type of music and blend with any crowd. Will smoke your ass in his R1 any day. Find him hustling the streets of South Florida during the day, and running them at night. Trained in the Jungles of Panama by none other than the U.S. Army Infantry Division.
"Yasser's fucking bad!"
"He owns you!"
"He owns you too, bitch!"
by dominikandemon May 19, 2003
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The name Yasser originates from the word "Yossir" and/ "Yaseer". It means the clear royal path.

Many Arab families, name their precious sons Yasser.
Two pregnant women engage in a convo:
A: Is it a boy or a girl?
B: A boy.
A: Have you found a name yet?
B: Yes, Yasser.
A: What a nice name. The Yasser's I know are always handsome and charming.
by MadameNinja February 15, 2004
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Rhyming slang for cat.
Derived from the name 'Yasser Arafat', as the ending of the surname rhymes with cat.
An example of rhyming slang so bad, it is good.
"Oi, bitch, the YASSER is hungry, give it some meat..."
by Figure Number Five July 05, 2005
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A name you would call someone of a piracy background, normally a smelly person, and/or used at someone that talks a good talk but aint got shit on the court.
Jazmin: Look at Jamal, hes such a Yasser, his family came over here on a pirate ship.
Wade: True dat babe.
by Sneakers O'Tool May 23, 2010
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A black fella with curly hair and likes to have fun! he is really sweet and charming most of the time he can be a piss off. Yasser has a really nice body. Yasser mostly gets all the girls.
"Yo is that Yasser chilling wit dem Girls"
via giphy
by Stepheny Zach August 14, 2017
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Iraqi misfit and refugee currently occupying a quiet complex in Doha, Qatar. Glorified supported of football, taking the side of almost all the greatest sides in the last 5 years. Though recently qouted as a Real Madrid CF fanatic while wearing an Inter Milan jersey. Loves to study...while sometimes a bit too hard.

Recent highlights:

Conquered Pakistan (al Hitmi village).

Rap album with DJ Mark Van Dyk of WuTang and Notorious P.I.M.P. fame.


Likes to blame others for his own mistakes.

Too lazy to do homework so steals off cool people.

Likes black haired, bearded women especially from the Kerala state in India...div div.
Yasser to friend: Can u help me on this question?

Friend: Sure!

Friend to Yasser: Can u help me on this question?

Yasser: WTF!! Kiss my asS!!
by Sami February 15, 2004
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some who has feature from the east asian races. i.e. Chinese, Japanese etc

otherwise known as Yasser.
Yasser, China
by Kaz2345678 January 09, 2010
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