yashiro is a daikon but the hottest mf alive 😍
"hey do you know yashiro?'' "yeah shes so 😍"
by August 10, 2021
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Are really

Hot Mama
Oh yeah!
"Hey how do you spell your name yashiro?"
Are Really
Hot Mama
Oh yeah!"
by buby.exe April 27, 2022
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A girl who had bad taste in guys and simps, and daydreams a lot about theses ugly ass guys, has some fat ass daikon legs (that’s why she doesn’t have a boyfriend and it will never happen) then ignores a sexy looking ghost that she is with all the time.
Person 1: who’s that girl with the fat ass legs

Person 2: oh that’s yashiro

Person 1: ew
by Venti supremacy June 4, 2021
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yashiro nene is a daikon like girl who runs around foolishly looking for an attractive boyfriend without noting that her ghost friend hanako is adorable.
person one: hey did you see that girl with the fat ankles?
person two: you mean yashiro nene?

person one: ya her legs resemble a daikon
person two: bet her only lover will be a ghost.
by daik0n.senpai June 5, 2020
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the best tbhk character evr
"(1)i hate Yashiro Nene, shes annoying"

(1)" stfu no one cares"

(2)"Yashiro Nene is the best mc!!"

(2) you're hot
by omg akanesgirlfriend! November 1, 2021
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