tbhk means "toilet bound hanako kun" its an anime based on a bathroom ghost who grants wishes, good anime go watch.
have you watched tbhk?

tbhk! it means toilet bound hanako-kun!
by kay`wonders March 15, 2021
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Tbhk is great anime about adventures of fish-daikon girl who fall in love with toilet ghost.
Person1:Did you watch tbhk?
Person 2:You mean anime about fish-daikon girl?
Person 1:Yes!
Person2:I did it's great!
by Victoriathefirst June 24, 2021
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TBHK editors are people who are goated and can make the most jaw dropping, feet gripping, armpit sweating edits of a single character
Person A : TBHK editor vs CSM editor
Person B : TBHK editor.
by FreckledSeabuns March 6, 2023
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A cult that has been going around reeking havoc on TikTok. They specifically follow people who are tbhk content creators. They are known for spamming comment sections with words such as “uwu” or “owo” and so on. They tend to theme their account to a character from the anime “Toilet Bound Hanako-kun” aka Tbhk.
“The Tbhk uwus found my account. Now I have 30 of them following me.”
by uwu.babytsukasa.owo April 27, 2021
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the best group of tbhk fans on tik tok. for some reason people hate them.
Person 1: hey I got raided by the tbhk uwu's for some reason. they kept saying mildy concerning words
Person 2: oh yeah! they're super nice, they're just messing around it doesnt mean anything
by Frog 🧐 April 26, 2021
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The tbhk hate cult is an astonishing cult. They have made many hate videos about tbhk on the platform called "Tiktok". They also had war with the tbhk uwu accounts that have risen from the dead on June 24th 2021.
Hot girl - "Omg you follow @tbhkisgarbage on tiktok too? I love the tbhk hate cult!"

Hot girl 2 - "yeah duh all my homes hate tbhk."
by Tbhkhatecult June 20, 2021
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