Lev Yashin, the greatest goalkeeper of all time. Saved over 150 penalty kicks while playing for the Soviet Union and Dynamo Moscow in the 50's and 60's. Famous for his habit of drinking a glass of vodka and smoking a cigarette before every game he played. He also often wore one of those flat cap things.
Lev Yashin was the only goalkeeper in history to win the Ballon d'Or.
by FyreDruid153 December 27, 2017
The smelly part under your balls
Kody I think you should wash your yashin.
by Slim the main man January 26, 2017
I ate Chinese yesterday and got a really burny yashins cap
by DatGuySjojz January 26, 2018
A mean person who uses your weaknesses against you.
He just called me baybee how dare he ugh
he pulled a Yashin
by 123.baybee June 7, 2020
A mean boy who likes to use people’s weaknesses against them.
A- Ugh omg he just pulled an Yashin
B- What do you mean?
A- He literally called me baybee🥺
by 123.baybee June 7, 2020
Had something that resembled a life once before she misheard (actually heard it right) a conversation and made the mistake of asking if she had heard it right. Can now be found losing her shit everyday at 12pm KST.
Favorite word is CHOGIWA, say it and she's sold.
Oh no it's Yashin talking about K-pop again ~ Anonymous
by Feelthejibooty December 20, 2016